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Ventura Motorcycle Accident Attorney

A motorcyclist gambles with his life with every ride, since motorcycles are often overlooked by other drivers on the roadway. Passenger vehicles offer much more protection for fragile human bodies than motorcycles do, and unfortunately, serious motorcycle accidents underscore this fact in no uncertain terms. The human body is vulnerable to impacts from passenger vehicles on the roadway, often at great speeds. Those motorcyclists who are lucky enough to survive a harrowing motorcycle wreck often go on to have permanent disabilities and deficits, and many motorcycle accident victims are left needing lifelong medical care and rehabilitation.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle wreck, reach out to a Ventura motorcycle accident attorney to review your rights as a victim and seek out the compensation to which you are entitled under the law.

Motorcycle Accident Causes

Simple human error and negligence are often to blame for the injuries of a motorcyclist when it comes to wrecks involving passenger autos. Many wrecks result from motorists who make left-hand turns. Left-hand turns cause accidents when the driver of the passenger vehicle underestimates the speed at which an oncoming motorcycle is going or fails to see the motorcycle coming at all—and subsequently pulls into its path.

Motorists who follow motorcycles too closely also cause accidents. Following too closely gives hardly any time for stopping if the occasion calls for it, which can lead to devastating accidents.

Speeding motorists also cause a lot of motorcycle accidents. When a driver speeds, he allows less time to react if someone pulls out in front of him on a motorcycle. Likewise, speeding may also lead to rear-ending motorcycles stopped in traffic because they are harder to spot than other passenger autos.

Lane changes by the driver can also result in motorcycle wrecks. When the driver of a passenger auto fails to see the motorcyclist in his blind spot or elsewhere and changes lanes in front of the motorcycle, deadly accidents are apt to follow.

Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents

Some of the most dangerous and debilitating injuries can occur when a motorcyclist is thrown from his bike. This includes fractures, burns, road rash, crushing injuries, and deep cuts and lacerations. It is not unusual for an injured motorcyclist to incur such serious injuries that they require multiple surgeries and physical therapy to recuperate.

Injured motorcyclists may be eligible for a range of different awards. This includes compensation for medical bills and lost income now and in the future. Pain and suffering and mental anguish awards may also be considered.

An Advocate for Injured Motorcyclists

If you or someone you love suffered from the negligence of others during a serious motorcycle accident, do not delay in contacting a Ventura motorcycle accident attorney about your case. You owe it to yourself and your family to hold the negligent party in your case accountable for your injuries. You are limited in the amount of time that you can collect compensation. Dial 805-683-2736 to reach out to the Law Office of John B. Richards for a free consultation and case review.

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