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Client Stories

I cannot speak highly enough of John Richards, and his ability to do what he does well! After our rental was found to have high levels of mold, we weren’t sure where to turn. We were told that John could help us and that he had helped others in the area who had used him and were very happy. So we gave him a call, and are so happy we did. What seemed like such a scary and overwhelmingly daunting task suddenly had purpose. We could breath again. We resolved the case with the other party only because of Mr. Richards doing. He had a great sense of humor, my husband and I actually missed seeing him after our case settled! Since then we have sent all of our friends who need his assistance, and they too have been very happy.

Sarah L.

John handled my case with skill, perseverance and most importantly , Integrity. My faith in the legal profession has been restored.

Larry W.

I would highly recommend John Richards for any motor vehicle accident or personal injury case. He was very professional, responsive, and successful in mediating and settling my case. Not only did he guide me through the legal process, he was an advocate for me getting the care that I needed. He was there to support me and assist me with the decisions that had to be made. After the case was successfully settled, he helped me settle with the creditors that needed to be paid. I am very pleased to have had John in my corner during this difficult time and will always refer my friends and acquaintances to him.

Sally R.

John has handled 4 separate cases for my domestic partner. He negotiated settlements for her in all 4 of the cases and was able to max out 3 of the settlement amounts. John is a very knowledgeable attorney and a great negotiator. Currently, John is representing both of us in a new case after we were recently badly injured by being rear-ended while stopped at a red light. We are confident that John will again prevail in our favor.

Jim B.

John Richards is a highly talented and proficient attorney. John represented me in a few different cases and all had very successful results. He settled one real estate litigation for $100K in my favor, and I was able to establish college funds for my three children. John pays very close attention to details and he is always prepared for court hearings and depositions. He has a very strong presence in mediation and court and knows the intricacies of the law. John also focuses on results and closing cases to the benefit of his clients vs. letting the clock run causing more costs in terms of money and time. I recommend John to anyone looking for a top notch attorney with a proven track record in getting results for his clients.

Don L.

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