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Santa Barbara Texting And Driving Accident Attorney

Texting requires so much of a person’s focus and attention. Texting takes away focus from the road since you are visually and mentally concentrated on your phone. Sending a text while behind the wheel can be incredibly distracting and dangerous for everyone around. Even though there are laws prohibiting texting while driving, people still fail to obey the law.

At the Law Office of John B. Richards, our experienced team of Santa Barbara texting and driving accident attorneys understands the physical and emotional pain you are enduring right now. We are committed to securing the compensation you are entitled to. A text is not worth putting people’s lives at risk.

The Laws Against Texting And Driving

In California, if you are holding your cell phone in your hand, you are breaking the law. It is illegal to use your cell phone or a similar electronic device while driving. Although, if you must use your cell phone, it has to be in a hands-free setting where you can use voice commands and the speakerphone setting. Some cars can pair up to the entertainment center in your vehicle, so you can access it hands-free through your car instead.

For anyone under 18, it is illegal to use a cell phone for any reason.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s latest reporting year, there were more than 3,000 total distracted driving deaths. Texting while driving increases your chances of getting into a car accident by a multiple of three.

Proving Texting While Driving Was The Cause Of The Accident

An at-fault driver will more than likely refrain from admitting any guilt, so it can be challenging to prove that the driver was at fault due to distracted driving. However, gathering eyewitness testimonies can help testify on your behalf. In addition, eyewitnesses may be more credible than the drivers in the accidents. Eyewitnesses often observe the whole accident happen, whereas the drivers may have been blind-sided or too busy trying to avoid the crash.

If our attorneys need to, they will subpoena the defendants’ cell phone records to show that the defendant was using their cell phone at the time of the accident.

Luckily, traffic cameras are in many intersections. Some busy commerce streets may even have security cameras that can also offer some footage. If available, our attorneys can pull the footage of the accident to provide more physical evidence that the defendant caused the accident due to distracted driving.

Our Accident Attorneys Are Prepared To Take On Your Case

Our mission is to ensure you are taken care of and secure the compensation you are entitled to. At the Law Office of John B. Richards, our skilled Santa Barbara texting and driving attorneys have the resources and experience to help prove the defendant is liable for the damages and injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured caused by a distracted driver who was texting at the time of the accident, do not wait to contact us by calling us at 805-683-2736 or clicking here.

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