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Santa Barbara Bus Accident Attorney

From tour buses to public transportation, buses are everywhere across Southern California. They are relied on by a slew of people with different needs from all walks of life. Between their enormous size and their popularity, it comes as no surprise to learn that bus accidents can cause serious injury – or even death. A Santa Barabara bus accident attorney can help you through this. At the Law Offices of John B. Richards, our experienced lawyers are highly educated in the field of motor accident laws in California.

What can cause a bus accident in Santa Barbara

There are many people who are involved with the operation of a bus in Santa Barbara. From drivers to weather conditions, there are many reasons why a bus might experience an accident on the road.

Some of the most common causes of bus accidents in southern California are the following:

  • The negligence or distraction of the operator of the bus is one of the most common problems in bus accident cases. When a driver is not allowing enough attention to the road or their surroundings, disaster can follow.
  • Road conditions and construction are oftentimes also reasons to be wary of buses. If a driver is not operating the vehicle in a manner that is considerate of unforgiving conditions, there can be grave consequences.
  • Another example is the operation of such a vehicle in areas with high foot traffic or small roads. Entering into these areas immediately crosses the bus driver, their passengers, and pedestrians into a new realm of potential danger.
  • Equipment defect is another – oftentimes overlooked – example of a reason that a bus might cause an accident. With large machines with thousands of parts and complex mechanical operations, it is no surprise that one faulty product can lead to the serious injury of many on a bus.
  • Stability problems and those concerning weight distribution are also serious concerns. If a bus is not properly stabilized and balanced, it is possible that it is likely to crash and cause destruction to its surrounding environment.
  • Finally, a poor set of safety features for passengers such as wheelchair accessible seating/spaces, functioning seatbelts, and other measures can also lead to the jeopardization of the lives of those embarking on travel on a bus.

All of those listed above can prove to be life or death for innocent bystanders going about their daily lives. Blowing through a red light, failure to yield, and other incidents can lead to a harrowing reminder of the sheer power and strength that a bus possesses.

Your go-to stop for all your legal needs after a Santa Barbara bus crash

Buses, like many large vehicles, hold a grand amount of responsibility solely due to their size. When this responsibility is neglected there are often grave consequences that an unknowing pedestrian or bystander may have to endure. At the Law Office of John B. Richards however, we are willing to fight so that you are compensated for the unfair set of circumstances that you or a loved one is presented with. Your needs are our top priority, and that is why a Santa Barbara bus accident attorney is here to help with all of your legal matters. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus accident, please click here or call 805-683-2736 for a free, legal consultation.

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