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Santa Maria Toxic Mold Exposure Attorney

Exposure to mold can cause a range of health issues. This is particularly true if you are allergic to mold.

Because of this, California law requires landlords to keep mold out of rental homes and address the problem when mold is discovered. If you have experienced health issues as a result of mold in your home, and you believe your landlord’s negligence or inaction is to blame, contact a Santa Maria toxic mold exposure attorney at the Law Offices of John B. Richards to discuss how you may seek financial compensation.

Mold in a Santa Maria Rental Unit? Steps to Take

Renters are expected to take certain basic steps to guard against the presence of mold in their apartments and other such rental units. For example, they should not allow sinks or tubs to overflow, as mold grows and thrives in moist environments. Renters must also promptly report leaks that could result in mold growth if they are not addressed swiftly.

That said, in California, the law requires landlords to arrange for and cover the costs of mold remediation in rental homes. Landlords should also reasonably strive to prevent mold from growing in the first place.

Have you found mold in your apartment or another rental home? Take the following steps if so:

  • Vacate the unit immediately if you have the option of doing so
  • Formally report the presence of mold to your landlord and request that they schedule remediation services promptly
  • Contact local health code authorities to alert them to the presence of mold
  • Stop making rental payments until the mold has been removed

You might also have the option to take legal action against your landlord in these circumstances. You could sue them if they will not schedule or pay for mold remediation service despite the fact that you requested they do so.

Additionally, you could file a claim or lawsuit if you developed health problems or otherwise sustained damages as a result of exposure to mold in your rental unit.

Are you considering this option? If so, you should also strongly consider reviewing your case with a Santa Maria toxic mold exposure attorney. You will be more likely to recover the compensation you deserve if you have proper legal representation in these circumstances.

How a Santa Maria Toxic Mold Exposure Attorney Helps

To secure compensation when filing a claim or lawsuit against a landlord whose negligence resulted in you being exposed to toxic mold, you must prove that:

  • Exposure to toxic mold resulted in damages for which you may be compensated
  • You were exposed to toxic mold because a landlord failed to abide by their responsibility to maintain a habitable environment

Proving you are eligible to recover compensation may require gathering documentation of your losses and damages resulting from mold exposure. You must also present evidence or documentation showing you were exposed to toxic mold because a landlord was negligent to a degree that qualifies as a violation of applicable laws.

The experts at our Santa Maria toxic mold exposure law firm can assist you by gathering this type of documentation and evidence on your behalf. We will also account for all your compensable losses to calculate how much your claim may be worth.

Contact a Santa Maria Toxic Mold Exposure Attorney

If you have been exposed to toxic mold and believe you have grounds to take legal action accordingly, review your case with a Santa Maria toxic mold exposure attorney at the Law Office of John B. Richards. We are prepared to offer the aggressive representation you deserve when a landlord or other such party has been negligent. Learn more about what we can do for you by contacting us online or calling us at 805-683-2736.

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